CB & Two-Way Radios

CB & Two-Way Radios

Ham and CB Radio Base Station - Times Microwave USA Made LMR-400 RF UHF VHF Ultra Low Loss Antenna Cable PL259 Connectors, 75 Feet

LMR-400 Times Microwave US Made - Length 15.2 meters (50 feet)Connector Type: PL-259 (male) to PL-259 (male) Used by Most Ham and CB Radio Systems and..

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Harvest 18 Ft RG-59 Co-Phase Cable PL-259 to 2 X PL-259 - Connects 2 CB Antennas!

50 Ft RG8X Mini8 Coax Cable with PL 259 connectors50 Ft of RG8X Coax. (also known as Mini 8) w/PL259 Connectors on both ends.(2) PL259 Connectors3000 ..

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Harvest D130 25-1300mhz Super Discone Wide Band Base Antenna and 50ft RG8x Cable

Multi-Band Transmit: 25-1300mhz Max Power Rating: 200 watts on 144-1300 MHz; 6m(50mhz) only 20 watts FM, 50 watts PEP Gain dBi: 2reat for 2m, 1-1/4m, ..

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Harvest RHM-7350 CB HF 7-30MHz/50MHz Wideband Portable Mobile Antenna

CB HF 7-30MHz/50MHz Wideband Portable Mobile Antenna, Antenna Tuner is requiredFrequency: 7-30/50MHz, Remarks: Antenna tuner is required.Max.power rat..

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Heil Sound Parametric Receive Audio System Equalizer (PRAS EQ) Audio Processor for Amateur Radio, Shortwave, Commercial and CB Receivers

The Heil Parametric Receive Audio System Equalizer (PRAS EQ) is a state-of-the-art audio processor that enhances the internal audio systems of amateur..

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Homeriy Walkie Talkie Speaker Talkie Speaker Microphone Mic with 360°Back Clip Suitable for PR375 PR550 PR3000

Back Clip- Easy to install and operate with a back clip.For 4pin Aviation Plug - A 4pin aviation plug earphone can be plugged into it.High Sensitivity..

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hongxinq Professional 1MHz-2400MHz Frequency Meter Portable Power Measuring Tool for Two-Way Radio

Ideal tool for signal testing and radio maintenance.With an external antenna, it can only measure frequency with non-contact way.Built-in dummy load, ..

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hongxinq Walkie Talkie Battery Eliminator Car Charger for Portable CB Radio UV 5R UV-5RB UV-5RA

100% new, factory packed and never been used.Made of high quality materials to fit your radios.Handy and critical. It can guide the power of your car ..

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HYS 25W Dual Band VHF/UHF Mobile Transceiver Golden Mobile Ham Radio Amateur Radio Built-in 12000mAh Battery with Programming Cable Antenna SO239 to PL259 Adapter (A Complete Set of)

25W Full Dual Band VHF/UHF Mobile Radio Transceiver! Dual PTT function:Dual Push-To-Talk (PTT) speaker mic.Features CTCSS, DCS, ANI, DTMF, 2-Tone/5-To..

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HYS Ham HF Amplify Power 3-30MHz HF Transceiver with Fan for Handheld 3-30Mhz Two Way Radio

The most effective working frequency is 20-30 MHz, and with the situations of working under 20 MHz, the v.s.w.r will be higher and also the heat dissi..

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HYS NA-8900R New Version Quad Band Hi Power 50Watt Cross-Band Mobile Car Ham Radio Transceiver

Quad Band FM Twin Display Amateur Mobile Radio Transceiver!Quad Band Transceiver 10M(29MHz)/6M(52MHz)/2M(146MHz)/70cm(440MHz)Quad Bands Operation, Ove..

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HYS TC-8900R 50Watt Mobile Vehicle transceiver Ham Two Way Radio with Cross Band Repeat

This fits your . by entering your model number.Quad Band Transceiver 10M(29)/6M(52)/2M(146)/70cm(440)RF Power 50/20/10/5W(29/50/144MHz) 35/20/10/5W(43..

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